Trilobites are bottom dwelling marine invertebrates that belonged to an extinct class of arthropods
that first appeared 570 million years ago and became extinct about 240 million years ago
before the dinosaurs came into existence. There are over 20,000 described species of trilobite
from 1mm. in size up to 700mm. long, and are believed to have been scavengers.
All trilobites are made up of three parts; the head, the thorax and the tail, hence the name tri-lobe-ite (three lobes).
They were the earliest animal known to possess vision, they had a hard exoskeleton and had to shed this to grow.
Their closest living relative is believed to be the horseshoe crab.

Elrathia kingii.
Elrathia kingii on matrix.
Elrathia kingii
Elrathia kingii
on matrix

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