Enchodus is a fish that had oversize front fangs prompting the name "sabre tooth herring"
but is more closely related to the salmon than the herring.
These fossils are found in Morocco's phosphate quarries and are approx. 100 million years old.

Enchodus bursauxi.

Salmon like Fish Tooth
Enchodus bursauxi.

Ouled Abdoun Basin, Oued Zem, Morocco.

Cretaceous 100 million years old

Packaged in a cellophane bag
with an information card and Certificate of Authenticity
Fossil is 30-35mm.

Aust. $10.00 each.

Salmon related Tooth.

Salmon related Tooth
Enchodus bursauxi.

T s06
Ouled Abdoun Basin, Morocco.

Cretaceous 100 Million years old

Specimen is 57x15x10mm.
Aust. $20.00
All sizes are approximate
This is a one only fossil and may not be available.
If you require a fossil bigger or smaller than the feature
please e-mail us with your request.

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