Ammonites were predatory marine molluscs and are relative to squid, octopus and chambered nautilus.
They first appeared about 400 million years ago. The shell is comprised of alternating layers
of aragonite and conchiolin and can vary from tightly coiled to straight,
some are iridescent with a beautiful play of colours.

What is an Ammonite?
KINGDOM Animalia PHYLUM Mollusca CLASS Cephalopoda ORDER Ammonoidea
The term ammonite refers to an extinct group of molluscs.
These creatures, along with dinosaurs died out at the end of the Cretaceous Period, about 65 million years ago.
Their existence on earth lasted for about 330 million years.
The hard shells which these organisms occupied are found as fossils in many places throughout the world.

Australian Ammonites
U.K. Ammonites
South American Ammonites
Australia. (a)
United Kingdom. (uk)

French Ammonites
German Ammonites
Moroccan Ammonites
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